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New Year, New Career - The 23 Best Things to Do Right Now to Land a Better Job in 2023.

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Have you recently been laid off or do you fear a potential layoff?

What I did to land a new role after each of my five layoffs (each new and better role was secured within 3 hours - 3 months of time)

What are the most effective actions you can take right away?

How do you update your LinkedIn profile without looking desperate?

How do you explain this unfortunate event in your next job interview?
What are "JAM Sessions"
Our Kadima JAM Sessions are led by our founder, Alan Stein. He will tell you the truth and share his insights from his 25+ year career as a leader at Google, Facebook, Salesforce, American Express, UBS, and several startups.

We'll share a few prepared slides. We promise to make them brief, engaging, and informative.

Alan will share true stories from the trenches, without bullshit, hypocrisy, or the politics that typically get spewed within the corporate walls

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